What is TriForce Chauffeurs  Freedom Rewards Program? 

We have decided as a company to follow a somewhat unusual way for our industry.

TriForce Chauffeurs  Freedom Rewards Program is our way of saying "Thank you for being our customer!" Every time you make a purchase, you will earn points that can be used toward future purchases. This page will give you information about this program. The Reward program is for our online retail customers only.

 How much is every point Worth?

Every 100 points is worth £1 and can only be redeemed at

How do I earn Reward Points?

You first need to sign up with  to start the rewards program. Guests will not be awarded with points.

* Create an account:

Once you have signed up with, you will automatically be rewarded with 200 points.

* Making a purchase:

The amount of points earned will be based on the total amount of £ spent. You will earn 1 points for every £1 you spend at For Example: For a £10 purchase , 10 points will be rewarded. These points will be accumulated in your account when your order is submitted and is completed. Purchases made with points will not earn additional points.

* Be more active on our site:

We value our customer’s activities on and for that we offer extra points for these activities! Reward points will be directly added to your account as soon as you complete certain actions on TriForceChauffeurs website .You can use those reward points towards the purchase of any product and SAVE. 

Here is a list activities and their points: 

Creating an account 200 points
Subscribing to Newsletter 100 points
Facebook Product Share 25 points
Facebook Product Like 10 points
Friend Referral  200 points
Referral Friend 1st purchase  500 points
Subsequent Referral  friend purchase  10 points


How to redeem and use the Reward Points?

 You can use your Reward Point to save on your purchases at the Checkout page. At the time of checkout, you will be able to select how many of your points you wish to use for each order. You may choose the maximum amount of points you wish to use and the grand total will automatically refresh to reflect your new balance

Terms & Disclaimer

* This Program may be modified, suspended or cancelled at any time. These Rules may be added to, deleted from. Changes to the Program may include, but are not limited to, modifications which affect Point accrual and the expiration time of Points. Only if you have an Account will you be provided with written notice of any material change to the Program and Rules. holds the right to deny or reverse earnings of rewards points. 

* Misusing the point earing activities such as posting unlegitimet reviews or reviews for products you haven't purchased, will result in cancelation of the earn points and possibility of losing the points balance in account.

* If your account is closed as a result of violating the terms or recognised by TriForceChauffeurs web administrators, your points balanced will be reset to 0 and other points earning limitations might apply to your account thereafter.